Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Town Square concert in Tallinn, Estonia

This was the first concert of the festival called "BELLSART" here in Estonia's capital city of Tallinn. They set up a big tented stage on the square. This was the point of view of the performers. Impressive!

We shared the stage with several other groups, each performing about 15 minutes of music. This pictures shows "Pizzazz," a trio from England that were invited to the event.

"Kiriku" from Japan (also by invitation) were there. All three invited groups would later teach and do full concerts on their own. This picture only shows three of the Kiriku musicians.

Here is "Sonos Handbell Ensemble" from the USA (of course).

We also shared the stage with the host group "Arsis," who brought three handbell ensembles together to premiere a wonderful new work for multiple choirs plus steeple bells from the local church bell towers. It was amazing to hear the work, which resounded all over the town square.

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